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Mobile App User Guide

cAr On Demand

Get behind the wheel and head out to explore one of the most fascinating European cities. Either for pleasure or business, change the way you commute daily, because renting a car has never been so easy and affordable.

  1. Search and Download the App: “cAr On Demand” on Android or iOS

  2. Enter your email address and choose your password

  3. Click on the verification email that you will receive in your email account and wait for your personal PIN

  4. Login to the App and proceed to complete your registration

  5. Fill-in your personal information and please keep all important stuff handy: your Driver License, ID/passport and your credit or debit card

  6. Wait for the validation email


  1. Check on the map for the available cars in your nearest station. Alternatively you can also use the filter button and search by: model, type, car equipment and car rate

  2. Choose your car & click the RESERVE button*

  3. Find your reserved car at the nearest station & press the UNLOCK VEHICLE button in the App.

  4. Enter your personal PIN to verify

  5. Take some pictures of your car and upload them on the App

  6. You can now begin your trip. You will be able to constantly monitor the cost via the app

  7. Drive the car wherever you like within Athens, park it and enjoy your shopping, sightseeing or take care of your business. You can use it for as long as you like while your TRIP is active

  8. To end your trip, you will need to return the car at the station you picked it up and press the END TRIP button.

  9. Shut down the engine and REMEMBER to leave the key at the specified holder within the glove compartment

  10. After ending your trip, you will receive an email with your receipt (individuals) or invoice (corporate customers) for the total reservation cost. The payment will be completed automatically and securely via your specified card.

    Note: your payment transactions are PSD2 compliant through the use of strong customer authentication 3DS and your card data are completely anonymized with the process of Tokenization

*In case you want to cancel your booking before you start your trip, no worries! You can just click the CANCEL RESERVATION button, with no cancellation fee within 45 minutes from your booking. Keep in mind that after this time limit, there will be a late cancellation fee and your reservation will be automatically canceled.